Terms and Conditions


Scriptsy.co.uk is a website set up by writers for writers.

We are inviting writers from all over the world to upload their scripts so that the rest of the world can see their talent and work.

By uploading a script to scriptsy.co.uk the writer understands that:

  • Their script can be read by anyone else in the world.
  • Their script becomes available to the public.
  • Their script can be performed by anyone that has access to the script, without paying royalties that would normally be required to the writer.
  • Any performance created becomes the property of the performer. If the performer uploads a video of their interpretation of a script to a website the writer understands that this upload is the property of the performer and it is at the performers discretion how they use the upload. (See Performers section below for more information about video uploads)

Therefore, scriptsy.co.uk cannot guarantee that the work will not be stolen, plagiarized or used without the writers knowledge by other visitors to the website.

Scriptsy.co.uk and it’s founders and administrators cannot take any responsibility for what happens to a script once it has been uploaded and made public.

Whilst the above seems unfortunate, we will do our best to police the website and writers can contact scriptsy.co.uk if they feel their work has been misused.


We are inviting performers to create their interpretation of scripts and uploading them via a video sharing channel (such as YouTube.com). Performers should view the terms and conditions of their video hosting website of choice.

We accept performances at scriptsyscriptvideos@gmail.com. From here, scriptsy.co.uk will upload the video to their YouTube channel which can be found here.

However, any video submitted directly to scriptsy.co.uk the will be sent to the original writer of the script before uploading to YouTube for their assessment. If the writer deems the video inappropriate for public viewing scriptsy.co.uk will not upload the video to any platform, will delete the file of the video and notify the performer that the interpretation has not been accepted.

Scriptsy.co.uk and its YouTube channel cannot take responsibility for the video once uploaded to the public.

Scriptsty.co.uk may seek permission from performers to use their videos on the scriptsy.co.uk website.