Why Does Scriptsy Exist?

Scriptsy is a website set up for writers of the stage and screen.

We have set up this website for amateur scriptwriters to share their work and hopefully receive feedback from other visitors to the site.

Our research into establishing this site mainly comes from acknowledging that theatres, film companies and scriptwriting competitions from all over the world receive thousands of submissions every year. We strongly believe that there are tens of thousands of scriptwriters in the world who are looking to get their work staged or filmed. But, unfortunately, most of these scripts remain isolated as a file on a computer. And, even after submitting a piece of work to a competition, for example, most writers receive zero contact from the competition judges and adjudicators

So, we wanted to create a home for the scripts that didn’t quite make the cut – so that they have a place for other people to read them. This is where The Community comes in – we invite writers to submit their work and then hopefully other writers or readers will join the community, read the work and offer some feedback.

You can read more about joining The Community here

We are not expecting The Community to be filled with polished and complete full length masterpieces. We encourage writers to upload extracts and snippets of their work to share and receive feedback. It can be something that was written in ten minutes on a train one inspirational morning or something you have toiled with over candlelight at your desk for months and sent to every competition and media house in the world without feedback. It can be anything at all.

We respect that some writers will be unwilling to share work because they fear their intellectual property will be under threat. If this is the case, then Scriptsy is not for you. But, because you are a writer (and if you have written something, anything, even with limited or no success, you are a writer) then please consider using Scriptsy for the extracts and snippets as outlined above.

Ultimately, we exist to give writers a chance. To open a door or a window for the work that you do.